AC3TM Electrostatic Coalescer

The electrical power system offered is the HBI three power unit AC3TM design which features a balanced electrical load combined with security of operation.

Three single phase power units are provided for each vessel and each power unit is connected across two phases of a three phase power supply ensuring a balanced electrical load.

In the event of electrical problems, it is possible to continue operation, albeit at slightly reduced performance, with two power units only, thus offering greater operational security.

For good coalescing and therefore good desalting, the design should allow maximum residence time for the crude in the electrical field.  The HBI AC3TM design features a maximum electrode area combined with maximum depth of electrical field.  The electrode system is installed at or near the centre line of the vessel and extends into the heads to give the maximum area.

The HBI AC3TM grid array features all live grids with maximum spacing to give maximum time in the electrostatic field, this is in addition to the time the emulsion spends in the weaker field between the lower grids and the grounded water interface.

The addition the third grid also produces a very complex electrical field in the area between all the grids.