Howe-Baker offers a full line of burners operating over a wide range of applications and fuels.  Natural and forced draft burners are available with round, flat, pencil or radiant wall flame shape.

Howe-Baker burners demonstrate the cutting-edge technology that is the cornerstone of the company’s success.  The patented Min-Emissions burner (ultra low NOx) has industry proven performance with emission levels well below EPA and local government regulations.  Howe-Baker Min-Emissions burners are small enough to match the mounting requirements of most conventional burner assemblies and are available in flat flame gas only, flat flame combination oil and gas, round flame gas only and round flame gas and oil configurations.  Thus, Howe-Baker’s customers can quickly replace conventional burners, which produce emissions higher than those acceptable to local government regulations, with burners that produce the required emissions at affordable prices.

Howe-Baker also designs and manufactures duct burners for a wide range of customer needs.  These low emission duct burners can be designed for gas, oil or combination gas and oil service.  Additionally, Howe-Baker offers a wide range of optional equipment including burner ignition systems, flame scanners, flame rods and burner management systems.

In addition to new burner equipment, Howe-Baker provides quality spare parts and replacements for existing equipment.  Replacements are designed to fit Howe-Baker equipment as well as equipment built by other manufacturers.