Our technology can also be used for refining white products, for example Howe-Baker’s DC treater has been used on many Shell Merox units for acid neutralisation and the subsequent removal of the aqueous steam to ppm levels.

The technology is also applied as part of our modular jet fuel treating units and for NGL dehydration, together with specialised applications for removing polar solvents from more exotic process streams.

The white products tend to contain low levels of aqueous phase when compared with unrefined crude oils, therefore the application of a DC electric field is most appropriate.

Here a DC system polarises the remaining aqueous phase in a field of typically 40,000 VOLTS to coalesce the water into larger droplets which then fall through the oil to the bottom of the vessel. These units, due to their varied size, can be either vertical or horizontal and are easily skid mounted to form complete process packages.