The effective disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste has been a worldwide concern for many years. Properly designed incineration systems have proven to be the most effective method for the disposal of a wide variety of waste. Howe-Baker offers a complete line of liquid and fume incinerators to safely and efficiently dispose of waste streams such as tail gas, acid gas, chlorinated hydrocarbon waste liquids and wasted gases. Industry experts consider Howe-Baker to be one of the foremost suppliers of CO Incinerator/Boiler Systems in the world. Because of the high temperatures associated with incineration, many Howe-Baker incineration systems reduce operating costs by incorporating waste heat recovery equipment.

Howe-Baker also utilizes proven air pollution control devices to remove particulate matter and inorganic acids from the flue gas. Depending on the components of the flue gas, one or more devices can be incorporated into the system design. Bag houses, ventures scrubbers and ionizing wet scrubbers are designed to control particulate. Absorbers and scrubbers clean the acid gases present in the flue gases. Quench systems, conditioning towers and heat exchangers are used to lower the temperature of the flue gas.