Indirect Fired Heater

Howe-Baker heaters are designed to heat a process fluid passing through a manifold coil ‘indirectly’ using a common bath of water or water glycol mixture. This ensures uniform and safe operation avoiding hot spots where the process fluid could be degraded or cooked.

Howe-Baker heaters are designed according to API 12K and feature an expansion tank to absorb excess water pressure which can be caused by thermal expansion.


  • Crude oil preheat to separators or desalters
  • Crude oil preheat between head and pipeline
  • Heating gas from the well to prevent hydrocarbon hydrate formation
  • Fuel gas dew point control systems associated with gas turbine power plants
  • Heating high pressure hydrocarbon gas streams at pressure reduction stations
  • Liquid/gas vaporisation
  • Reboiler and stabiliser process heater