Multiphase Separation

Improved gas, oil and water separation with optimal quality of separated phases

Howe-Baker International Ltd provide a complete range of multiphase separators engineered to the specific application and location. The customization ensures that the design will efficiently and effectively separate inlet fluids into individual phases for further processing.

Our multiphase separators are typically fitted with effective inlet devices to absorb the momentum of the inlet fluid and a series of internal baffles for proper fluid distribution. In addition, coalescing elements, cyclones and vanes are used to minimize disturbance and aid separation.

The performance efficiencies resulting from the separators’ design elements lower capex by reducing the amount of production chemicals required, they also lower opex.

Heavy oil expertise

Experience with heavy crude oils in Canada, Colombia and Venezuela has provided us with sound expertise to design equipment that meets with the most demanding requirements.

The treatment of heavy crude oil poses many special challenges because of the high viscosity and low oil-water density differential. Additionally, suspended solids are often present in the inlet streams necessitating solids jetting systems for flushing the solids from the separators. Specially developed coalescing devices assist in the removal of dispersed water and suspended solids from heavy oils.